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Developer love: Welcome to the Rackspace Cloud Developer Discount

It's time to go make something awesome, on us.

Developers, hackers, devops people and makers of the digital age - you are the engines of the tech world. Each day you put your imagination and skills to work to build amazing things.

Today we're pleased to offer a new *$300 over six months** Developer Discount program in the US and UK.*

Sign up for a new Rackspace Cloud account in the US or UK at, and your account is automatically credited $50 (£30 UK) for 6 months. You're responsible for anything above $50, otherwise: it's on us.

Maybe you're building the next SaltStack or Ansible. We welcome you. Or perhaps you're planning a beautiful abstraction like Docker, a sharing platform, or an encrypted communications service--we're here to help. Or maybe you just want to add support for OpenStack to your cloud based tool or project. This is a thank you.

The Developer Discount program makes it easy for you to chase something you feel passionate about and simply need a place to build and deploy it. Regardless of what you make, or want to make, we celebrate and encourage your creativity. That's why Rackspace is dedicated to making developer lives easier. It's what keeps us passionate about supporting collaborative open source projects and communities.

Explore what you can do on the world's largest open-source, OpenStack based cloud. Give us your feedback on our array of open source, multi-cloud tools.

Give vagrant-rackspace a spin, or try out rumm - a powerful little command line tool. Explore our open source tools and projects (check out and We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Call, email or join us on IRC (, #rackspace).

Go forth and make something awesome. Talk about it; blog about it - put it on Github and share it with the world. Remember - we respect you and your data and we will always support you.


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